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    Spaming on ts3 with channels, help please !

    Hi, almost 3 days some guys coming on my teamspeak3 with their create channel spam bot, that creates channels very fast, so is there any way to stop this, please help..

    P.S. Don't won't to put on guest that he can't do even temporary room, this works, but that's bad for other new clients..So any solution, and is there any working anti vpn guard, because I saw it few days ago on some ts?

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    I do not know how that bot works, but you could
    - remove the permission of guests to create channels and rather allow the default channel (or another channel like "join here to create your room") to create channels
    - equalivalent: set (not remove!) the permission of Channel Admins to create channels to false
    - stop using the weblist

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    I need something to make it block when trying to create for example 3 channels under 1 sec, I saw multifunctional bot on one site maybe it will work
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