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    What ports TeamSpeak 3 server use?


    Im setting firewall on my server, so I just wonder which ports should I open for TeamSpeak 3 server.

    I found this article

    It says that TeamSpeak 3 server uses these ports:

    • 9987/udp for Voice
    • 30033/tcp for Filetransfer
    • 10011/tcp for ServerQuery
    • 41144/tcp for TSDNS (optional)


    that article also says that TeamSpeak communicate with:

    • on port 2008 - for older servers (3.0.x)
    • on port 443
    • on port 443
    • on port 2010

    So it means that I should open 443 and 2010 ports?

    So at the end ports 9987, 30033, 10011, 443 and 2010 should be open on my server?

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    The first table is incoming traffic and needs to be let through the firewall for clients to connect. Note that the ports mentioned there are the default ports, which can be changed. Filetransfer and Voice are required. Query is kind of optional unless you need remote access to the query interface.
    The second table is outgoing traffic and is of interest only if you block outgoing traffic as well, in which case you'd need to allow the specified addresses to be contacted.
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    Thank you

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    In short: One does not and cannot open ports for client software because its ports are random. The accounting client and the weblist client inside the TeamSpeak server count as client software. One can only unblock internet access. By default, a Linux machine with its own IP does not require you to open ports or allow internet access.

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    Which ports does the server need?

    Hello, I am looking forward to use TeamSpeak at my boardinghouse.
    But the problem is that we have had blocked some ports like one to use TS, I am unable to use it until I speak to my internet provider to unblock it.
    But the problem is I dont know what port should be opened.
    I have found these
    UDP: 9987
    TCP: 10011
    TCP: 30033
    are they right ? Or should I tell him to unblock something else ?

    Thank you.
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    Our FAQ answers all of your question.
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    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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