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    Some groups CAN edit channel and some cant?

    so, im facing a problem, im the director of a teamspeak with about 80 channels and 30 server groups, with staff ranks from tmod > senior admin, however the staff ranks (when given channel admin) do not have the ability to edit the channel descriptions and i can not figure out what is the problem, iv been trying to fix tis for a while and i havent come to any form of conclusion, in the channel admin settings they have litterally 100 edit power, and a normal "member" or "guest" tag can edit with the channel admin tag, or any non staff member tags can edit with the channel admin tag but the staff member tags cannot edit when given the tag, what is the issue with the staff tags, or what are the conflicting permissions for channel editing?

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    Please show us a permissions overview (right click on user -> permissions) of such Staff user, when he is in a channel where he should be able to edit the channel description.

    I guess the Staff group hasn't permission b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions set or Skip flag enabled on permission b_channel_modify_description.
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    The fix to it was removing [b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions] and then going through the individual settings and NOT skipping but simply leaving the boxes blank for [b_channel_modify_description] and modify topic/name/ etc etc for the settings i needed enabled. the channel admin now works, but only with all three boxes blank.

    thank you @dante696 iv been trying to fix it for 2 weeks

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