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    Teamspeak 3 Server "Connection to server lost"

    Hello! I'm having a teamspeak 3 error when i'm in servers. It randomly disconnects me for 'Connection to server lost' unsure why but i have the personal log for you guys that can help.

    12/08/2017 06:33:34	TSDNS	Info	No TSDNS found	
    12/08/2017 06:33:34	TSDNS	Info	TSDNS queried unsuccessfully	
    12/08/2017 06:33:34	TSDNS	Info	No TSDNS found	
    12/08/2017 06:33:34	ClientUI	Info	Lookup finished: ip= port=9987 error=0	
    12/08/2017 06:33:34	ClientUI	Info	Resolve successful:	
    12/08/2017 06:33:34	ClientUI	Info	Initiating connection:	
    12/08/2017 06:33:34	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Connecting	
    12/08/2017 06:33:34	PktHandler	Devel	Puzzle solve time: 4	
    12/08/2017 06:33:39	PktHandler	Info	Cleaning up connection because of 5 resends of COMMAND packet	
    12/08/2017 06:33:39	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Disconnected
    This is what it says and I'm unsure why it keeps happening. I've googled a ton of solutions but non work.

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    You cannot google for solutions if you do not know the reason for the issue. It simply won't work.

    Stuff to do to find the reason:
    - Does it happen to you or others as well?
    - Connect to any other TeamSpeak server and check if you get disconnected there.
    - Wi-Fi or LAN?
    - Watch packetloss.
    - Do tracert to server (use a software that can run indefinitely like WinMTR, so you can watch packetloss during the issue).
    And so on.
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