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    Intel Atom 450 - Too Cpu Usage

    Good afternoon TeamSpeak members! Today I came to open my first topic to get my question and to know if there is any way to solve it.

    It is as follows, TeamSpeak 3 opened without being connected to any server, the process uses between 0% and 1%.

    When I connect to a teamspeak server, (Anyone) I've already expressed as my private server, and it's the same between 10% and 30%, never lower than 10% ... I've already deactivated gifs, animated banner, etc ... and all in the same as I saw in some topics to disable or enable the noise cancellation, in the microphone options and remained the same ..

    I currently have 2Gb of Ram and Intel Atom 450 CPU 1.60Ghz and 234Gb of disk with OS Windows 7, and I am using the version of teamspeak:, (I already exprimentei with the latest version and it is the same.)

    Make sure you get a solution.

    Thank you

    Any error sorry ... #GoogleTraslator

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    You have to expect a somewhat higher CPU load on low budget mobile CPUs, compared to desktop CPUs. The nominal CPU load is likely roughly equivalent, but if you base it on percentage of total processing power available, it will obviously be lower the more powerful the CPU.

    Big, busy servers like aren't really helping matters due to the amount of stuff generally happening on these servers.
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