Good afternoon TeamSpeak members! Today I came to open my first topic to get my question and to know if there is any way to solve it.

It is as follows, TeamSpeak 3 opened without being connected to any server, the process uses between 0% and 1%.

When I connect to a teamspeak server, (Anyone) I've already expressed as my private server, and it's the same between 10% and 30%, never lower than 10% ... I've already deactivated gifs, animated banner, etc ... and all in the same as I saw in some topics to disable or enable the noise cancellation, in the microphone options and remained the same ..

I currently have 2Gb of Ram and Intel Atom 450 CPU 1.60Ghz and 234Gb of disk with OS Windows 7, and I am using the version of teamspeak:, (I already exprimentei with the latest version and it is the same.)

Make sure you get a solution.

Thank you

Any error sorry ... #GoogleTraslator