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    Password encrypted

    can i ask you about one simply qvuestion. How is the password of channel encrypted ? it is something like base64 ? Is my password save ?

    Thank you for your answer.
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    Base64 is not an encryption but an encoding and can easily be undone. Encrypting passwords is a very bad idea because it can be undone, especially when the key is stored client-side. The only correct way to store a password (unless one is required to restore it) is by hashing and salting. All of these technologies work with good passwords only.

    Okay, enough text. You asked for the exact algorithm, here it is:
    Base64(SHA1(Base64(SHA1(UTF8Encode(password))) + virtualserver_keypair))

    Because the owner knows the keypair (it's simply a server property), he knows the hash. Because of my post, the owner knows the algorithm. Because of that, he can try more or less common passwords. That can be done automatically: Watch this and the videos mentioned there.

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