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    permissions with MySQL

    Hello all
    I have a teamspeak 3 server that works satisfactorily
    I sometimes suffer from people who seem to like it to ruin things.
    that is why I have the following to do.
    namely that they have a field on their site with a name called teamspeak id and they put their teamspeak ide there.
    and I also get this done for each other.
    egter how do I make sure that teamspeak 3 server looks in the database jenp at table ts3_id looks in column tsid if a certain id occurs and if not that person has no access or automations is a member of the group default user and if the id does occur than is a member of the group allowed user or has access to the server.
    greetings: Peter

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    That is not possible with the TeamSpeak 3 server. You are supposed to use Server Groups for that. Alternatively, you can use a bot, but Server Groups (together with tokens if people haven't been connected) are way better.

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    first thank you for your response.
    furthermore, how it is ensured that people can connect when they have first made an account via the site and then only then can not make a difference.
    As long as you first have to manage on a website, it's good to have their regestration checked first.
    and therefore can, for example, add their teamspeak to their profile or whatever they can and therefore also can only come to teamspeak.
    The condition that I have is that it can run via a mysql database.
    and so I take all the advice and solutions with you, I see that there is no experience with teamspeak on this piece.
    I can make server and channel groups and from teamspeak people ana assign a group, but I do not know how to outsource this something.

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    Upon registration (or after fulfilling some criteria to be allowed to join the TS server as defined by you) have the website generate a privilege key for the member group (or whichever group you want really) on the TS3 server, through a query connection.
    Have a link on your website that lets them connect to the server, which includes the privilege key for the logged in member. If they click the link they will join the server and are automatically added to the group specified for the privilege key.
    Optionally privilege keys support storing additional data, like forum ID, forum username etc. which will be saved on the TS3 server together with the user that uses said privilege key.
    Do note that privilege keys are one time use, once used they're invalid. However members only really have to use the link once to gain initial permissions to do whatever you want them to be allowed to do on the server.

    You can then lock the Guest group down and even put a server password on the server that you don't ever have to tell anyone, if you grant members the power to ignore the server password.

    That's just one way you could realize this.
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    first of all, thank you very much for the reaction.
    I have been looking a little bit for the key.
    I have not been able to figure out how to do this.
    the website of me is based on the e107 cms system.
    So hopefully someone can give me tog a bit more information about how and what

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