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    TeamSpeak Query: permoverview


    I have 2 questions regarding the permoverview command
    When i use
    permoverview cldbid=1 cid=0 permid=0
    i receive following response
    t=0 id1=2 id2=0 p=1 v=1 n=0 s=0|t=0 id1=2 id2=0 p=2 v=1 n=0 s=0|...
    So my Question is what exactly do i receive when i ommit 0 on cid and what exactly is "t", "id1" and "id2"?

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    Basically, it works like this:
    t   - permission type
          0: server group permission
          1: client specific permission
          2: channel specific permission
          3: channel group permission
          4: channel-client specific permission
    id1 - server group ID or client ID
    id2 - optional channel ID
    p   - permission ID
    v   - permission value
    n   - permission negation flag
    s   - permission skip flag

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScP View Post
    Basically, it works like this:
    id1 - server group ID or client ID
    id2 - optional channel ID
    This is incorrect. If present, channel IDs are always in id1. id2 is for channel group IDs and client database IDs when in tier 4.
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