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    Inconsistent channel description when viewed on Android.

    Server is 3.2.0, Android client is 3.1.8 running on Pixel XL with 8.1.0

    Emojis in [size] BBcode tags with value greater than 54 do not show up. Windows desktop client supports up to 99. The space for the emoji is allowed, just nothing shown.

    If I use xml/xaml like comment tag <!-- note --> in a channel description the text is not shown in the mobile client while on the desktop it is still visible. I would actually like the desktop to copy the mobile client.

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    As for the font size, it's a limitation of the emoji font in combination with your display size. If you decrease the display size (in Settings -> Display) you will see some larger ones too. Other devices have different limits.

    As for the HTML, we'll check this but it will most likely not change.
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    Content between <> stripped/parsed on Android?

    I recently discovered that on android everything inbetween < and > is not displayed in channel descriptions. Is that on purpose? And if not, is it only removed or is that possible a html parser that could load malicious content like bitcoin miners?

    Seems like atleast Javascript is disabled. I still think iframes and css's URL property are dangerous :/

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