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    How long does it take till a server nickname gets deleted?

    "Server Nicknames will expire when there is no connection activity"

    How long is when there is no connection activity? If I take my server down for maintenance for 1 sec is my vanity nick name for my server then just given up?

    Im assuming there is a length of time TS considers to be no connection activity, but how long is that, or is it instantaneous?

    Has anyone tested this and can give an answer? No assumptions please.
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    It's one month.
    One month where no user connects to this name or reconnects to the server when connected with server nickname one first connect.
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    Server Nicknames will expire when there is no connection activity.

    For how much should the server be offline, so that the nickname expires? I'm hosting a TS3 server once a day, but for sure it's not 24/7.
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