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    [Request] Teamspeak Query PHP Script -> User message


    i have a question.

    I want to write a Query PHP Script what i can execute from my Linux vServer via php.

    This script have to send a private message to a selected client (client identity ID: oo95Eauimp8NKCGZTbnzK7TrxZM= ]

    But I dont know how I can start. Can i use ?

    Can anywone try to give me a little help at the start?

    Please help me.

    PS: if you can understand german look here:

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    I'm a developer, and I can recommend you how to create it.
    First, I recommend you to use ts3adminclass php api. This php library, is much faster than default ones.
    Secondly, you need to know that each time you run the php script, this will execute a new query connection, creating a new line in the ts3 log file.
    If you don't want that, I recommend to check how nodejs and works.

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