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    My mail account got hacked

    Someone maliciously took advantage of my updates...I had to use the latest versions of TeamSpeak 3 сlient, but then I had to completely change the mail client,
    the provider and even the work mail carry out transfer thunderbird to outlook url removed the whole problem and the headache was that my account in TeamSpeak 3 client was hacked, and most of the information I`ve lost (here, of course, the question about the security of the mail service, but still..I was shocked at first)
    I come up with ideas better than transporting at least some data from my previous mail account, and permanently leave TeamSpack use. Maybe I'm just an unlucky man

    TeamSpeak is not your mail provider. TeamSpeak only use e-mails for communication.
    And anyways this whole report was more an advert as anything else
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