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    server error on the create off virtual server

    Whe have done the following settings
    Click 'Settings'.
    Click 'Options'.
    Click 'Application' on the left sidebar.
    Click the box next to 'Advanced Permissions System'.
    Click 'OK'.
    Now that you've enabled Advanced Permissions, you need to actually add the permissions to your server! This can be done on the 'Server Groups' tab:
    Click 'Permissions'.
    Click 'Server Groups'.
    Click 'Show names' from the dropdown near the bottom of the menu.
    Choose 'Guest' from the left column.
    Add the following permissions to the 'Virtual Server - Information' category:
    Add the following permissions to the 'Group - Information' category:

    but whe get still the message error 2568 when creating a 2e virtual server

    what can we do


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    The how to has nothing to do with creating a server.

    Please use the existing serveradmin login to create new server.
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