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    Can i change a group priority?

    Example: I'm Administrator in a gaming server, and there is a lot of Video Game icon, and they do nothing, just shows, what people play. I made penalty ranks (For example: people with a "Flooder" rank, can't send text massage and can't poke others)
    The problem is: when somebody have some game icons than the penalty server groups don't work, so i need remove all game icons, to set a working penalty group. The question is: Can i make priority for the penalty groups? Or TS3 check always the highest permission?

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    For server groups the permission with highest value + Negate enabled has the highest priority.

    From your description are the icon groups not only groups with icons. There are more permissions set in these groups when they overwrite other groups permissions.

    You have these options.
    1. Remove the unneeded permissions from your icon groups.
    2. Enable Negate in your penalty groups on all permission that should not be overwritten from groups with Negate flag enabled.
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