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    Teamspeak Early Adapter Badge

    Hey, I just got access to my email again after loosing it, and I saw the teamspeak badge gift. I was wondering if I could get a new code to get the badge, or am I stuck without the badge. I can verify that I got the email, and that I am not scamming you.
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    Jedi Badge

    I didn't notice that I recived email last year, is there any option to get it again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarixDaii View Post
    I didn't notice that I recived email last year, is there any option to get it again?
    Nope, as noted in the email you had to redeem by given date.

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    Teamspeak badge

    I stopped gaming for a while and when I got back I started using teamspeak again and I'm one of myTeamspeak early users but I can't redeem the code sent to me over email, it says it's invalid.

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    Please read the whole e-mail
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