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Thread: TS5 discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorde View Post
    The video was shown to us on a mobile phone. I don't think we would have had permission to film it either
    this sounds like the most ghetto shit and I love it

    Quote Originally Posted by DalexHD View Post
    Where does the picture come from?

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    When coming TS5 Beta

    Hello, when finally comes the beta of TS5.
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    Teamspeak 5 - Pay or Free (Mobile - Android, Apple, ...)

    Dear Teamspeak Team and Coummunity,

    Teamspeak 5 is supposed to be a better alternative than Discord.

    My question is will the new Teamspeak 5 cost you or will it come out for mobile devices for free? That would be an important point for me.



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    The sign up page for the TS5 beta program is now live for about 1 month.

    As stated, the TS5 beta program is nearly ready to launch. For my understanding "nearly" should not be way longer than 1 Month.

    Are there any updates so far? Can someone of the team say something about a planned release date or at least a rough time frame when we can expect the beta release.

    I really hope Q4 is when we can expect a final TS5 release and not just a beta.


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    Yes, Q4 will start nearly in 1 month so let's stay "awesome".

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    Numerical notations TS5

    Numerical notations after a product name seems for certain products not needed. Why not just call Teamspeak 5, Teamspeak, would've been simple and clean, perfect for the improvements being made.
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    Lightbulb Ts 5 feature

    That would be great if u add an option to server that will ban people permanently by using vpn or software to change their location or ports. I think a lot of people dont want to see the banned guys again on their server.
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    Hello I totally agree

    Because of VPN, ban a person is no longer useful, it is better to play on server permissions.

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    In order to be able to ban someone permanently, you need to be able to identify that person among the thousands of TeamSpeak users. This requires something like a global unique ID which you could then ban and it would only affect that person.

    Apart from a myTeamSpeak account (which is optional and not passed to TeamSpeak servers unless enabled by the user), there is no such thing in TeamSpeak right now and therefore no way to identify users so you could ban them permanently. IP addresses can be changed (you mentioned VPN), user names can be changed, even TeamSpeak 3 identities (which are closest to a unique ID) can be changed.

    What you can already do in TeamSpeak 3 is to raise the Needed Security Level of your server which then requires users to spend more time and computing power on generating new identities which in turn may cause the "bad people" to loose interest. However, it also means that many people will not be able to join your server as the security level is too high for them.

    Even if TeamSpeak 5 goes the way of requiring people to register a global TeamSpeak account, people could simply create a new account with a new mail address to bypass the ban.

    I don't think that there is a reliable way to make permanent bans possible unless you do evil things like hardware fingerprinting or branded installers. Even then, there are ways to bypass that.

    And finally: Let's not forget about privacy. Being able to identity TeamSpeak users also means that your usage of TeamSpeak can be tracked and analyzed which some people won't like.

    Long story short: There are always ways to bypass bans. If someone wants to get on your nerves, they will. Maybe it's easier to just set a server password until the problem resolved itself. Trolls get bored quickly.

    PS: "Ts 5 feature" is a horrible thread title. "Permanent bans" would be better.

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    Requesting permanent bans is like requesting TeamSpeak packets to surpass the Speed of Light for a better ping.

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    The wait is so looong

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    now in October we will enter the Q4, there the wait will be stronger, I hope they do not put more time

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    Middle october is the best time but I think we'll be able to download it end september.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCGamingDE View Post
    Middle october is the best time but I think we'll be able to download it end september.
    I hope so, the announcement early august let me thought it would be here by end of august. So let`s hope it will be end of september

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    Teamspeak 5 - New details on regarding the beta?

    Any update on the release of TS5 so far that you can give us?

    Last info I have is Q4 2018.
    Because of the fact that no new beta version of the TS3-Client and/or -Server has been released for a while now I highly supect there is something coming.

    Can you provide any information regarding that?

    Point is I manage a gaming community and at the end of this year there will possibly be a poll weather our members want us to move over onto Discord or stay at Teamspeak.

    I do personally prefer Teamspeak, however we are a large community and thus have to evaluate TS5 a significant amount of time before opening that poll.
    On the other hand members are starting to get impatient.

    I do not ask for the exact day of the beta launch but for a more specific span of time than "Q4 2018".
    It's been nearly 3 1/2 months since the announcement after all
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