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I can do both. Personally for myself when playing a game I donít know what shortcut Iíll hit but all of a sudden the whole TeamSpeak overlay will appear on screen with no way of getting rid of it (it doesnít give me a hint on what to shortcut to press to remove) so I have to close the whole overwolf down then alt Tab back to game, so from then on I just always close overwolf whenever I start TS. Overwolf being part of TS5 isnít terrible but it should be completely part of it not just an add on with the option to install.

Thank you for the feedback, I will forward it to the relevant team. Just a small explanation: the TeamSpeak overlay window has a wrench button that opens up the app's settings. There you can see the assigned hotkeys and change them in case you prefer others:

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For me, its the need to install something external for a single feature, which should be an included feature in TeamSpeak without the need to outsource.
If I were to take the time to see what Overwolf had to offer in full, maybe there wouldn't be as much displease with using it. But my first impression (which only lasted minutes) when I installed it 2+ years ago was this looks like adware with a cool logo for clickbait.
I understand. While I can't speak for the TeamSpeak team regarding outsourced features, what I can do is forward your feedback here at Overwolf, which could promote changes for the future. Can you please tell me what you think we should do differently to avoid appearing like an adware? Thank you.

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Most of us don't want to use 3rd party software just for an overlay.
Thank you for replying.