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First, let me start by saying I hope you guys enjoyed your holidays and had a great time with your family and friends. Also, I'd like to thank all our community members for their continuous support and commitment to TeamSpeak. We know you expect the best and we'll continue to bring you the best. You're wondering what's going on with TS5. Our next-generation TeamSpeak Client is being tested and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. However, we're still in the process of polishing and tweaking things before we can make it available to all of you.

You probably guessed it already... TS5 will not be publicly released in 2018. Still, since we really appreciate your feedback, we will (very) soon publish a new microsite, where you'll get a glimpse of what the upcoming TeamSpeak Client version looks like.

Stay tuned!
Holy shitbucket, that took a while...
Your response is much appreciated