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Thread: TS5 discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScP View Post
    There's no special TS5 server... but adding support for additional platforms is something we're looking at.
    @ScP how do we looking on the closed beta? any info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kashinoda View Post
    Some really horrible replies on this thread.

    People talking like they backed a Kickstarter project that's gone to shit. Not sure this thread really has any value?

    If you're going to move to Discord then just do it? No one cares about your 1000 word essay on how you've somehow been let down. It's all a bit cringe.
    It’s Good to see it being documented that people are leaving, because if they release the beta and wonder why it’s not a big hit it may be because they have lost everyone already to discord and not because discord is better but because they fail to communicate with their supporters. This isn’t Kickstarter indeed, but losing supporters of 5/10/15yrs that’s going to take a toll down the road, people won’t want to come back once they’ve nested on discord and if you disrespect those supporters by ignoring them they have more reason not to return even if TS5 is the best VOIP ever.

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