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progress: Alpha252
It's progress, but what if they plan to go to Alpha395 Alpha396 Alpha423 etc we are in for a long wait unless they have plans to release on Alpha260 or somethin...

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I did the most disgusting thing i've ever done and i did it for the future of my community. I boosted my discord Server. Im so done with teamspeak. this will be my last post. Thanks community for everything. Hopefully when im 50 teamspeak beta will start. As far as for my community im not happy about it but we had to do what we had to do. So disappointed in teamspeak team.Click image for larger version. 

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Cya all
It was a smart idea of them to have a way to increase voice quality, but it's sad you have to EARN your voice quality. I hope Teamspeak 5 can offer gamers the best of the best (even if it costs $$$) as I see Discord like McDonalds and Teamspeak like Texas Roadhouse.