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Thread: Badges problem

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    Badges problem

    Hello, I have a problem. I add my badges and i can see them but my friends can not see them. How is that possible?

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    Hello he can have several possibilities,

    If you use a plugin to display your badges it does not work anymore (Since the last client version 3.3.0 badges are checked on your MyTeamSpeak account).

    You must have at least server version 3.9.0


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    No, I don't use external software like plugins or something else, my badges are legit. Btw thank you for the reply, I'm in a server with a 3.3.0 server version.

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    please see with server administrator to update to version 3.9.1.

    please also check that all users and all well the latest version 3.3.0

    if you are the server administrator you can block old versions by setting this time : 1560850141

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