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    Quote Originally Posted by Saelyth View Post
    I disagree, I play Guild Wars 2 on a 12yo computer at 30fps, which is okay. If I play with teamspeak open it runs on 29/30FPS but if I play on Discord it runs on 5FPS. It's unplayable if I use discord. That's because discord uses our GPU because it's an embedded browser. I'd always prefer teamspeak over discord becuase of that.
    I also play GW2, on a nearly 5 years old GPU and have zero problems with FPS drops when running Discord on my other monitor.
    Also 30FPS musst be a stretch then, or your settings are super low/minimum because GW2 is a quite hardware hungry game. Especially CPU wise (single core only). I don't get how someone can enjoy a game that way. Especially with that semi-fast and interactive combat system that GW2 offers (dodge system based).

    Quote Originally Posted by mindo View Post
    As he said: itīs 2019.
    You should invest in a new computer in the next few years... A relatively up-to-date one is around 1k ~ 1,2k
    Not even that much. Here is a ~700 € 60 FPS/1080p build.
    Maybe exchange the processor for one from intel with more single core power, since MMOs (and GW2 especially) are very single core CPU heavy and you should be fine.
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