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What exactly do you think myTeamSpeak is then? The TeamSpeak 3 server clearly has no support for storing user's bookmarks so there must be some sort of magic involved, right?
Yes, absolutely right. The TS3 server doesn't care jack shit about the users local bookmarks. This gets handled by the TS3 client or the myTeamSpeak sync service, which isn't much more than a small profile worth a few kb that needs to get send every time a client syncs.

And now you really want to store the chat for each server or user on a centralized myTeamSpeak server? So a huge amount of traffic, because every clients needs to fetch those messages when he joins server X? Very clever.
And this would also mean, that every time the myTeamSpeak server is down (Which happend quiet a lot in the past) you can't access the chat history of your local/own server.

Furthermore local/LAN server wouldn't be able to use the chat history at all.

And you also belief, that TeamSpeak, a company that claims to value the privacy of each user wants to handel all the chat data? So they will give away huge amount of data when they get hacked/have a security hole?

Please think before posting such nosense.