Hi guys,

I have an own domain "domain.de". Now I created a subdomain "ts.domain.de". I want to use this subdomain as access address for my Teamspeak server that is installed on my Synology NAS DS918+.

Until now it was working, but I had to use a TSDNS entry from the website "webshell.de". On this site I created the TSDNS record and also had to create a DNS entry at my domain provider.
Now I want to have access to the TS server without using the "webshell" site.

I already deleted the entry at "webshell" and tried to change the DNS entries at the domain provider but I didnīt get it until now. The provider also doesnīt know how to do this.
As additional info, the TS server is also reachable with the DynDNS address of my NAS, but I donīt want to share this address. I want to have the address "ts.domain.de" for the access to the server.

Does anybody know how I can do that?

Best regards