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    i_group_sort_id not returned by query

    I'm using the query interface to check someone's groups and display them in the correct order, by value of i_group_sort_id. However, upon upgrading to server 3.2.0, I have noticed that the servergrouppermlist command does not return perm_id 148, which is in fact i_group_sort_id.

    i_group_sort_id is set on all the groups I am in, but it does not show when I dump the array of all permissions on my individual groups. This is rather frustrating, because this leaves me with no other way of sorting them until this is fixed.

    Unless of course, am doing something wrong, but surely if all the other permissions appear, then it clearly must be a bug with i_group_sort_id right?


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    Digging a little deeper, I've just realised that this ID has been changed - it used to be 148, it is now 149 (in a new server version perhaps?). Great to see Teamspeak letting everyone know, as per usual. - this list is therefore now partially inaccurate, but its the only one that exists. Teamspeak, its been a decade since the release of a stable server version, isn't it time that we could have an official list of these, which would get updated as and when things are changed?

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    That's why there is a permgetidbyname or permissionlist command!
    No reason to rant...

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    there is reason to rant, because we never get informed of changes like this and it just makes our job more difficult than it should be

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    You get informed by a changing permission version via query. Noone should ever use hard-coded Permission IDs, especially not above 13. permoverview and permfind return only permission ID but there is no function that does not accept permission SIDs as input (documentations states that permfind and permoverview must be called with permid, but that is incorrect).

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