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    Need help making a new rank

    I am super bad at making ranks. I have a rank where people can move themselves and edit channels and the virtual server to put up banners in the teamspeak. This rank is given to people i trust fully. Its like a step below an admin rank. I need to make a rank that just lets a person move themselves to any channel but do nothing else. How would i go about making that. I just need a rank that lets them move to any channel they want. I don't want them to edit channels, or edit the virtual server. This may be super simple but i've always had someone make my ranks. But i want to learn. Thanks for reading

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    copy a normal rank, rename it to whatever you want, increase the "i_channel_join_power" 75, check "b_channel_join_ignore_password" and "b_channel_join_ignore_maxclients". they can now join any channel if by " lets a person move themselves to any channel " you meant "join any channel".
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