This is not cool.
I'm first forced to buy and Client app that's supposed to be free, since Teamspeak was supposed to be making profit from server owners with whatever they sell.

Then, when I had an issue, I headed to the store where I brought the app, and hit "contact developer" only to receive an automated email saying that I should seek help on forums. NICE.

Then after going through all the hassle of making an account and everything, I have to publicly expose my issue, which is something I really don't like.

And for God's Sake, FIX THIS DAMN CAPTCHA on the top of the thread, when I hit THIS word I had to pass the Captcha 3 TIMES already.

I feel like an Woody Woodpecker cartoon character, holding a "SUCKER" lollipop and GODDAMMIT the captcha bugged me AGAIN.
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My issue is with this new update.
Since I updated it the app keeps asking me to disable battery optimization even thou I mark the check box that says "DON'T ASK AGAIN" and also keeps asking to let the app run on background.

But the main issue is when I tap back several times to close the connection with the server and then close the app.
There's a notification that WON'T go away no matter how many times I try to close the app (it only goes away if I FORCE CLOSE from SETTINGS APP).

The notification reads: "connected to <server>"

And If I tap said notification it will take me back straight to the channel I was last In (sometimes it takes me to server's default channel).

I hope this get fixed soon because it's really annoying.

Not to mention that while this notification is still there, the phone keeps locked into "Call Mode" so I can't play music on my speakers, the screen fades when I trigger the proximity sensor, and all of that crap.

My phone is a Motorola Moto X4, running Android Oreo 8.1

Thanks in advance for this.