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    Newb advice needed to upgrade to 100 slot server

    Good morning guys 🙂

    I would like to ask a few questions please 😀 We are a non profit radio amateur community who have our own 32 slot teamspeak server to communicate (voice) with each other and we are looking to upgrade to (100 slots, 12 months, 300mb, Europe, voice encryption, own host name, own server banner).

    Is it possible that anyone can suggest a Good company, who can help us to transfer over to them?, and who could also help us setup our channels, permissions and security the way they are already? We are aware of the non for profit license, but we’re fed up with being knocked back with no real explanation.

    Thank you for reading

    Warmest regards
    Joe Condron

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    Quote Originally Posted by G7KDZ View Post
    and who could also help us setup our channels, permissions and security the way they are already?
    Ask your new host. Moving to something that isn't self-hosting, no matter if you previously hosted yourself or not, is harder than the other way around, and can only be archived by cooperation with your new host.

    Please note that this forum is for technical support only. "What is a good host?" is not a technical support question.

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    I myself know a lot about building team speak servers, or copying them.
    if you own the hots run now at home I can move the cliend database to an evtw. new server (this requires admin server queries, OR access to the folder that the server is running on.

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