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    [Error] CPP Internal Error, teamspeak 3 server drop. (clientidcache.cpp:272;)

    Hello Dear Dev,

    Today one of my client report an DROP teamspeak 3 server, what we got it's only the output Error from CPP Code:

    2018-06-26 22:47:08.135700|INFO    |              |   |Increased protection level to: 1
    2018-06-26 22:48:14.682702|INFO    |              |   |Decreased protection level to: 0
    2018-06-26 23:03:58.926525|INFO    |              |   |Increased protection level to: 1
    2018-06-26 23:05:03.207236|INFO    |              |   |Decreased protection level to: 0
    2018-06-26 23:05:21.256459|INFO    |              |   |Increased protection level to: 1
    2018-06-26 23:06:59.777031|INFO    |              |   |Decreased protection level to: 0
    2018-06-26 23:12:55.501148|CRITICAL|ClientIDCache |   |Assertion "i->second->clientID == 0" failed at ../../../../s/deps/teamspeak_common_lib/src/chanclients/clientidcache.cpp:272;

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    Sorry for the late reply client beta and server beta took all our time last days

    We already did take a look into the issue but need more time investigating into your issue.
    Is this reproducible and which database are you using?
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    Hello, thank you for the quick reply dante696.

    For that case we only had this logs nothing else, even we double check more logs on that during this time but nothing else. Server is connected to the MariaDB version 10.3.7, server teamspeak 3 on version 3.2.0

    What we know more in testing the value for kernel linux Debian 9:
    vm.overcommit_memory = 1 or 2 not matter what configuration is there, always server application going to crash randomly ( ex. after 2h or 2 days ) and no even in folder logs had any information what cause the problem to shutdown the process, OOM kills process itself without error output, even there are located enough memory for the process of application server, the value 0 which is default for linux works and did not crash the server application teamspeak 3, we would like change the overcommit for memory ram due of REDIS server cache but we can not due of crashing server teamspeak 3 app. Can you tell the developers about internal binary issue?

    Thank you.

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