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    Teamspeak3 and cloudflare


    I'm running both a webserver and a teamspeak server under one domain. I've switched to cloudflare DNS servers and since then nobody is able to connect to teamspeak3 server, but website still works fine. Am I doing something wrong? What should I look into to get it to work?

    Thank you.

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    you have to add a SRV record.

    Go to and click on the DNS tab.
    Examples: ,

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    If you want to use same name to connect to website and TS3, SRV "name" should be the same as your website host name.
    I.e. if you are using "" as your webserver name, the SRV "name" should be "www" or "" (note the trailing period).
    If you are using "" as the website name, the "name" may be empty, or you could explicitly enter "".

    In both cases, the "target" host must be the real host name pointing to the real IP address of your TS3 server. Which could be literally anything.


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