We've release a beta version for the upcoming 3.2.0 client version.
This enables setting up Twitch Integration with the server 3.3.0 beta.

=== Client Release 3.2.0 27 Jun 2018
! Dropped support for pre 3.1.0 TeamSpeak servers.
+ Introducing myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. Link your Twitch account
  with your myTeamSpeak account and enjoy special benefits on TeamSpeak
  servers of your subscribed Twitch streamers. This requires sending along
  your myTeamSpeak ID, enabling the server to check if your account is
  subscribed to the Streamer.
- fixed bug where the client show the wrong client info if the client loads multiple icons
- Various myTeamSpeak Sync bug fixes and improvements.
To enable the Beta channel, simply go to Tools -> Options -> Application and select "Beta" from the update channel dropdown.

Discuss this beta client here