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    LUA PLUGIN: Submenu for each active module loaded

    Hi all.

    I have an idea.
    Now we can create custom menus in your own plugin createMenus (moduleMenuItemID) function.

    local function createMenus(moduleMenuItemID)
    	testmodule_events.moduleMenuItemID = moduleMenuItemID
    	return {
    		{ts3defs.PluginMenuType.PLUGIN_MENU_TYPE_CLIENT,  testmodule_events.MenuIDs.MENU_ID_CLIENT_1,  "testmodule: Client item 1",  "../test_plugin/1.png"},
    		{ts3defs.PluginMenuType.PLUGIN_MENU_TYPE_CHANNEL, testmodule_events.MenuIDs.MENU_ID_CHANNEL_1, "testmodule: Channel item 1", "../test_plugin/1.png"},
    		{ts3defs.PluginMenuType.PLUGIN_MENU_TYPE_GLOBAL,  testmodule_events.MenuIDs.MENU_ID_GLOBAL_1,  "testmodule: Global item 1",  "../test_plugin/1.png"}
    We can also enable or disable the ability to click on it with
    ts3.setPluginMenuEnabled (menuID, 1) -- enable menu specifed by menuID
    ts3.setPluginMenuEnabled (menuID, 0) -- disable menu specifed by menuID
    Helped by the possibility of completely hide the menu options and the ability to create a submenu for each plugin (ex menu name = MODULE_NAME then each menu is submenu of MODULE_NAME menu)

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    Any news how to do submenus on Lua or it's impossible?

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