Dear community

I downloaded some days ago the iOS app for the decent price (for an app) of 5.00 CHF. Currently, I have a synchronization problem between my iOS and Macbook:

As my main channel used has a security level of 23, also I require an identity with the same security level. I have such an identity on my desktop and it is in the "Synchronizing Identities" box in MyTeamspeak. Unfortunately, when I log into the same MyTeamspeak account on iOS, no synchronization happens at all. As I have only an identity with security level 12 on the iPhone, I cannot login into the server and hence the app has no use at all for me.

What can I do to fix this problem and get a security level 23 identity on the iPhone?

I am using on my iPhone 6 iOS 11.3.1, my macbook has version 10.12.6.

A quick solution is highly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards