Hello, I am having problems with my teamspeak. I am running it on Windows 10, which if fully updated, and my teamspeak is also fully updated (3.1.10). I did not have this problem before the recent updates, not sure if it was a windows or teamspeak update that caused the issue.

I issue in question is when I launch any other program, teamspeak will not pick up my mic. To fix this I must alt tab, go into options and just change any capture setting. As an example, if I launched WoW, I would than have to go into my settings - catpure - change capture device to either Default/My Mic - Hit apply. This fixes the issue and people in my channel can again here me.

My teamspeak is running at admin level, my account is the admin account, I have tried to change the option in the capture settings. I have changed the compatibility settings in Windows 10 to Windows 7.

I do not use any overlays.

Any help is appreciated