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That topic isn't new for us and there is no easy fix.

It requires a new system in server and a new web list itself (and possibly changes in client).
There is a chance that this may come with TS5.

We have this somewhere on our list but it has no priority for current development (even when you push this thread over and over).

I personally would suggest to turn the list off completely till there is a new system available (don't worry it's just an opinion and don't think turning it off will happen)
I get that this has not the highest priority, but hopefully you understand how fateful this is for you ...

Teamspeak Client is useless without a Teamspeak Server, so new Users will search for these servers. As a user looking for a nice public server you basically get 70 % fake servers which do not work, have some bad names or harmful links or ip-logger crap on it. That is disgusting.

As a new teamspeak user looking at this i would wonder what the heck i just downloaded and uninstall teamspeak immediately.
Just imagine searching on google and 70 % of the results are fake, insults and other scam crap. You would never use it again.
Removing the server list would be better than showing these servers to unexperienced users.

Look at this fakt: Within the Teamspeak 3 Client you theoretically only need 2 mouse clicks (1 on "connections" and one on "server list" to get to some nazi content on your screen. Inside of your OWN server list. Sorry, but this again disgusting and fcked up.

What prevents people from doing this? Nothing.

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How do you even get to see these servers? O.o
I went and checked the server list with no filters (for real no filter is turned on) and when I sort them by clients I only see real servers?!
Maybe my client is more intelligent or idk but I and none of my friends can see these servers Maybe you all are getting trolled by a plugin or something
The server list always displays 100 servers at random. You have to filter for clients or slots (e.g. 50 + clients). Not sure if you are joking but this his has nothing to do with plugins or intelligence.