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    3.1.9 android ts3 disconnecting when running in the background

    since I've updated to 3.1.9 , I automatically disconnect, when leaving the app (via home button for example). This never happened before. I could listen to teamspeak while browsing reddit etc.

    Using fairphone 2.

    Is it only me? Am I missing a new setting?

    Hope I didn't create a duplicate post, I'm just on my phone rn.

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    android ts3 disconnecting when running in the background

    Hey. I've been trying to get help here:

    But haven't received a response for 2 months now.
    This problem still persists.

    I've been trying to reinstall, all the new Updates don't help and i've signed up for the Beta in the hopes of getting a fix for this in an upcomming update.

    Same thing. As a hardcore daily TS user this shit really starts to annoy me.

    Could you please help me fix this?
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    You need to confirm the dialog that appears about battery optimizations, and then allow it in the system dialog that follows. Afterwards it should continue to run and stay connected.
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