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    Client Connection Issues

    I run a TS3 server for about 500 registered users, and we have been having some frankly strange connection issues pop up from quite a few users.

    Here is an example client log: (we are

    It would appear that it is resolving and attempting to connect to the correct IP and port. As you can also see in this log, attempts to connect via IP:Port directly also fail.

    Tracert and ping also appear to be fine:

    At any given point we usually have at least 20 active connections. (I personally have yet to experience the issues from my client, but we have had at least a dozen people experience what appears to be the same issue)

    We have told people to restart their clients with mixed success, as well as having them re-save the bookmark, again with mixed success.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Server Information:
    ts3server version 3.1.1 (18-02-26 06:14) running on Ubuntu 16.04

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    Probably firewall misconfiguration by you or your host, or bad routing/QoS for UDP. Ask/change your host, likely not TeamSpeak-related.

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