My group fairly recently switched back to TS from mumble (cause ewww... mumble... who wants to go back to 2002 just to talk to people?) and there is one feature that was available on mumble that is not on teamspeak that we would love to see.

This would be the ability to set channels to broadcast to other channels, or groups in channels (whether they be server or channel groups) to broadcast to other channels. Mumble also had the option for 2 PTT keys which helped with this. The local key was used to speak only to the current channel, and the normal PTT was used to talk to the channel+any linked channels.

My context for this feature is EVE Online fleets, so I am sorry if the context of this example makes no sense to you, but it is the only way I can think to explain it.


Fleet Commander Channel - Where the people that are leading the fleet sit. This channel can be used with the local key to coordinate amongst themselves (like you can do with channel commander) or if you use your normal PTT you can broadcast to the fleet. Can recieve voice from fleet channel.

Fleet Channel - Receives voice from FC channel when they use normal PTT. Can talk amongst themselves with local key so they dont annoy/distract the fleet commanders.

Quiet Channel - For people that just want to hear the orders and not be bothered by the rest of the fleet's banter. Only receives from Fleet commander channel, users in this channel can not talk.

As you can imagine this kind of set up can get very complex, but it is also extremely powerful when set up properly. I imagine that this type of thing would be useful for other games/applications as well. Teamspeak claims to be used by NASA and DoD, I am sure they would have a use for this type of feature too.