We just pushed Twitch followers into myTeamSpeak.

Follower now also can get a group on your server as long they follow the Twitch channel that was set in server.
Admins just need to add their own Twitch channel into the server and then they can add the Follower groups.

It needs up to 24 hours till follower status from Twitch for clients are updated.
So when a user subscribes or unsubscribes your Twitch channel they still have the old status for next hours.

Minimal versions you need to test this are:
Client 3.2.0 beta Release thread
Server 3.3.0 beta Server release thread

For questions and feedback you can use this forum thread

Hint for client 3.2.0 beta users:
It may need up to 24 hours till Follower does appear under Integrations.
Optional you can start with a fresh client database to test it out.