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Thread: PTT not working

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    PTT not working


    My client started having issues today. When I came back from lunch, I tried to key up to talk, and the icon didnt light up as if my PTT wasn't being pressed. I tried in test, and same thing happened.

    Some things I've tried:

    - Double checked Capture and Hotkey profiles
    - Confirmed microphone works on Discord and other clients
    - Tried several different PTT keys
    - Closed and reopened TS3
    - Rebooted my computer
    - Uninstalled and reinstalled TS3 twice
    - Deleted my configurations

    It worked for about 20 minutes after the reboot, and then broke again.

    Edit: Update Aug 7th, I tried installing older versions of TS3, one at a time, and got it to work on 3.1.3 - but - it is now broken again. I cannot speak on any server.
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    I was running my new headset through a 5-in-1 USB hub. When I changed the headset USB to a direct connection, it started working immediately.

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