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Thread: 3.0.1 Mutes MPD

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    3.0.1 Mutes MPD

    The media player "Music Player Daemon"'s sound is muted once you connect to a server.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Configure MPD to use pulseaudio as its output.
    play a song.
    run teamspeak3.
    connect to any server.
    MPD audio is muted once the connection is made.

    Teamspeak [3.0.0-rc1(build 14345)]
    MPD 0.16.2-3
    Arch Linux.

    The same config for teamspeak worked in the previous build.
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    The Problem remains in rc2 14642

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    and sorry for answering so late.

    Same problem for me with builds 15001 and 14954.
    Mpd 0.16.5-1
    Pulseaudio 1.1-1

    The issue seems to be pulseaudio only, when audio profile is forced to Alsa mpd is not muted.
    Mpd is unmuted when teamspeak stop use pulseaudio.

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    For anyone who still needs help (after 7 years lol):
    There is a module called module-role-cork for pulseaudio which mutes specific streams when a "phone" stream appears. TeamSpeak is marked as a "phone" stream. If you unload that module it does not do it anymore.

    Run "sudo nano /etc/pulse/" and search for "cork" by pressing Ctrl+W and put a # at the start of the line where it says "load-module module-role-cork"

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