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    default plugins newer show up in client

    When teamspeak3 upgrade to 3.1.10 is installed on a system that have some fences outside your control with internet, and you update to most recent version the supposedly built in plugins are simply not there.

    such as:
    - ClientQuery
    - Control
    - Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support

    Granted some of these will not be present in Linux compared to Windows.

    An error is present in client-log multiple times mentioning
    ProtobufRPC Warning Error contacting URL ...

    This error and I suppose attempt to download them is performed only on first run of this new version(perhaps data structure migration is related to it).

    I don't use myteamspeak since it brings no benefits(just to be clear myteamspeak is not the topic here).

    There is nowhere to download these is there?
    Some bright person mentioned to me last time that I just put a file in there, but I don't have the file.

    I've tried to open mentioned url but as you might have guessed it brings no fruits in browser.

    Without mentioned plugins automated parts such as away toggle on linux when locking up pc are gone.

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    You can browse and download addons including our own via the browser, as it happens at
    No registration required

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    Thanks! that did the trick as for some reason my first browser search landed me in forums addons section instead of correct web.

    For some that might have find this later I'll only add that in linux, all .ts3_plugin and so on, are renamed zip files, and as support I guess is lacking, you only have to extract the files into your .ts3client/ folder, and preferably restart your client to get it working.

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