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    Preprocessor Disabled

    Here's another thing I know nothing about and hoping somebody can help me.

    I built a client and server using the C# SDK examples.
    All working great.

    I had a break from developing it for a while and dug it out again the other day to continue.

    I have reinstalled the OS (Win10)whilst on the break.

    Now when I open the apps I built I get an error message.
    "Preprocessor Disabled"

    My Mic is not being detected although my speakers are detected.
    The app is also running very slow as if it's trying to do something in a loop.

    This same app was running great previously.

    Does anybody have any ideas as to what this novice developer (me) has failed to include?

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    October 2014
    Well I've found the solution and thought I'd post it in case anybody else came across it.

    It turns out that Windows 10 had a Major update in April 2018.
    This disabled the Microphone, camera etc from being accessed from certain apps.

    The fix is in the link below.

    I'm happy it's not my code

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