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    Hotkeys with modificators

    Hello TeamSpeak comunity!

    I've been using TeamSpeak for couple of years now but recently I have run into a small annoyance. See I've setup F4 as my hotkey for 'Toggle microphone mute' action and it does work but I have soon realized it also activates when pressing ALT+F4 (which I do quite often).

    Is there a way to make it ignore the F4 being pressed while a modificator key (CTRL,ALT,SHIFT) is being pressed? And if not would it be possible for you to implement such feature?

    Thank you for your answers! :-)

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    Sorry but i don't see a way to block this hotkey from being recognized even when combine it with another key.

    you may use another hotkey or combine F4 + F5 as an example to avoid the problem with ALT + F4.
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    Thank you for you reply!

    I do realize that the way TS3 is setup right now it is impossible to make this work. What I'm suggesting is to implement keyboard modifiers. I can't imagine that being technically difficult. It may take some work to figure out the design but there are many design examples of programs that distinguish unmodified and modified keystrokes. Mumble for example doesn't allow using modifiers for hotkeys but does distinguesh between unmodified hotkey (invoking an action) and the modified one (doing nothing).

    I think this functionality has it's purpose and will be appreciated by many people. It's just something to think about for the future versions of TeamSpeak client.

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