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    Run TS3 Server with (old?) NPL license on Shared Hosting


    I am thankful licensee of an old-style (?) NPL-license for 2 virtual servers and (I think) 250 slots since 2009.

    I plan to switch hosting from my current VPS/root-server to a shared hosting provider ( ). I tried starting a TS3 server without license on uberspace, but get the following error:

    local accounting reports an already running instance, instance will shutdown
    Which makes sense, because it's not a VPS, and I guess someone else is already running a TS3 server without license on the same host.

    My question is: Will I be able and allowed to run a TS3 server using my NPL license with this kind of shared hosting? Or will I get the same error? Do I need to stay with a VPS? I won't try it without asking, because frankly, I am a bit scared of losing my license after all the recent changes in licensing.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Running TeamSpeak on shared webhosting is not supported, so we don't give support for it here. Being able to run custom software on a webhosting plan at all doesn't make a hosting company look professional. Webhosting SSH should be restricted to backup management (tar, wget, scp), everything else is extremely dangerous.
    You are supposed to run TeamSpeak on a VPS where you have potentially root privileges (though TeamSpeak must not be run as root). Given that even 128 MB of RAM is an overkill for TeamSpeak, you should accept a cost of around 1 euro a month or so for a VPS.

    For NPLs, here's an overview:
    2009–2011 NPL: 512 slots, 10 virtual servers, unlimited IPs (though only 10 make sense and TeamSpeak doesn't like using the NPL on multiple servers)
    2011–2013 NPL: 512 slots, 10 virtual servers, fixed IP
    2013–2018 NPL: 512 slots, 2 virtual servers, fixed IP
    2018+ NPL: TBA number of slots, 1 virtual server, fixed IP
    (I'm not sure if fixed IP limitation was added in 2011 or 2012.)
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    The fixes IP limitation must have been after April 2011. I got my NPL in april 2011 and it is definitely not IP bound, because I changed VPS since then more then four times. And it was always: stop server, move server directory to new server and start server. Never had any problems by doing this.

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