We're happy to announce that TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.2.0 was released today.
This release includes Twitch Integration, enabling you to receive server groups if you follow or are subscribed to the Twitch Account bound in the server. This feature requires server version 3.3.0 or newer.

Note: This client will not connect to servers running versions older than 3.1.0

To set this up you need to link your Twitch account to your myTeamSpeak account, be logged in in the client and have "Send myTeamSpeak ID" enabled.
To connect your Twitch account to your myTeamSpeak account, head over to myteamspeak.com/userarea/my and click the Connect to Twitch button.

The server side needs to have a Twitch Integration installed as well. If you have "Send myTeamSpeak ID" enabled, are logged in to a myTeamSpeak account and have the modify_integrations permission you can modify the existing integration on the server by opening the Edit Virtual server dialog and going to the Integrations Tab (may have to click the More button).
To install your Twitch account, you also need to have a Twitch account linked to your myTeamSpeak account. Provided no account is installed on the server yet, you can install yours by clicking the Install button in the above mentioned location (Edit Server -> Integrations).
Once an account is installed on the server, you can select the groups that are given to clients once they connect to the server. You may specify multiple groups per Subscription Tier / Follower by clicking the + icon. A new group you specified must be confirmed by the tick button in order to be saved.

Note: Connecting your Twitch account with your myTeamSpeak account may take up to 24 hours. Group assignment upon connecting to a TeamSpeak server may also take a few minutes, depending on how busy Twitch servers are.

Full Changelog below
=== Client Release 3.2.0 13 Aug 2018
! Dropped support for pre 3.1.0 TeamSpeak servers.
+ Introducing myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. Link your Twitch account
  with your myTeamSpeak account and enjoy special benefits on TeamSpeak
  servers of your subscribed Twitch streamers. This requires sending along
  your myTeamSpeak ID, enabling the server to check if your account is
  subscribed to the Streamer.
+ improved server tree performance.
- fixed bug where the client show the wrong client info if the client loads
  multiple icons
- Various myTeamSpeak Sync bug fixes and improvements.
- Client does not show a myTeamspeak ID error anymore when connecting to a pre
  3.3.0 server.
- minor fix in myTeamSpeak ID creation if requested by multiple clients.
+ Added proper error handling for integrations if the TeamSpeak server has a 
  huge time difference.
- Server integration cache is updated properly even if the integration was
  deleted and added again while connected.
- Fixed problem assigning the desired groups when logging in to an account
  while connected to a TeamSpeak server.
- Updated handling in myTeamSpeak options tab in case of connection issues.
- Fixed sorting of groups in server integration drop down box.
- Privilege key error dialog now only appears once when using an invalid key.
+ Improved server integration management dialog. Does not resize to the
  content anymore.
- Fixed german translation.
- Fixed behavior where the client didn't show an error message if a problem
  occurs while manipulating server integrations.
- Made styling for server integration management dialog possible.
- Fixed crash that occures when the client request the Twitch subscription
- Fixed error where the client does not handle a myTeamSpeakID update properly.
* Smaller updates in connection initialisation handling.
Feel free to discuss the release here.