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    Unable to connect to myTeamSpeak - error 500

    Edit by mod: Please update to the latest client to get this solved.

    My Teamspeak client is refusing to connect to myTeamSpeak.

    My login details are correct (they work on the website). Aside from the lack of sync, this is generating extremely annoying error messages about the lack of sync.

    Here's the relevant bit of the client log:

    13/08/2018 18:28:13	ProtobufRPC	Warning	Server at URL responded: 500 Internal Server Error	
    13/08/2018 18:28:13	ClientUI	Warning	Account login failed, server currently not available. Retry in few minutes.	
    13/08/2018 18:28:13	SCHandler	Info	try to delete mytsid while no valid mytsid is set - abort
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