Hi Team,

Since many years I administrate TS servers and I've always have been forced to check logs manualy (eg. open log files on server side) when I've to check for some stuff :
- Trace Players changing names
- Trace Players changing IPs (IP ban issues)
- Find someone IP or id based on names -(multiple names used by same person)
- List all recent connected users
and so on...

So it would be very nice to refactor this part of Teamspeak, for administrators :
- Be able to run a search on Server Log without spam press button "Show older" (even like that it's horrible) or open log file on server side
- Be able to run a search on a Player and retrieve all previous name, ip, id and list all connections/disconnections/group changes/descriptions changes/...
- Be able to run a tool to list a player connected between to times (from Date1 to Date2) and have statistics (total duration, mean duration per session, time spent per channels, ...)

See you soon,
Lix [Playing Society]