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    Disconnected from server (server version is too old for command)

    Yesterday there was a client update. After updating, people can't connect to my server, they see error Disconnected from server (server version is too old for command). So I updated my server, it went well, now when I start, it shows that TeamSpeak 3 Server version is 3.3.0. But error didn't go away. I still see same error when I'm trying to connect to my server from new client 3.2.1. How can I fix this?

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    If the message shows, then you're not connecting to a 3.3.0 server.
    Note that the server will shut down once you close the shell when starting using the minimal runscript.
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    I upgraded by server to 3.3.0 and have the latest client.

    I am still getting "Disconnected from server (server version is too old for command)" just like the author of this thread. I followed the installation instructions to the letter.

    What do I do now?

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    As explained from Chris then there is no 3.3.0 server running on target IP / address.
    Please read your last server log 0.
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